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"Making up the list of homepages stopped to update the information; For rememberance of the days before 3.11" 

This is a list of the homepages of those which public projects such as National Diet Library don't apt to object. The objectives here are stores, Travel and Tourism Associations, and temples and shrines; whatever as long as they tell how the life before 3.11 was.

On this page, we collect the homepages which has stopped to update since March 11.

Please add the URL and title of the homepage.

The URLs listed here will be provided to institutions which are projecting web-archiving of the quake.


Please write in following way;

*title [URL]

Then, text will be appeared like below.

  • title [URL]
    • explanation

Public Institution[編集]

  • Foundation of Ishinomaki Lobor Welfare Service Center [1]
    • Information of "Party to Taste Local Sake(蔵出し地酒を味わう会)", which is scheduled in the evening of March 11th, is still on the list of "What's New(新着情報)".
  • Guide for Minamisoma City's Tourism"[2]
    • Information about cultural assets is available.
  • Movie Library of Minamisoma[3]
    • Nomaoi (野馬追, traditional festival in Hara area) , etc


  • RikuzenTakata City Association of Tourism and Region Products 特別な文化財(Page of Special Assets)
    • List for assets in RikuzenTakata with pictures. Top Page has been changed while other pages are remained; Tourism(観光), Experience(体験), Festivals and Events(祭・イベント), Products(物産), Accomodation(宿泊), Shops(お店紹介), MAP, Access(交通). Link to information on RikuzenTakata is expired while the page of RikuzenTakata City has renewed.

Other Important Blogs[編集]