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Kashima-Jinguu Houmotsukan

提供: saveMLAK
移動先: 案内検索
Kashima-Jinguu Houmotsukan
Address 2306-1 Kyuuchuu, Kashima City, Ibaraki Prefecture, 314-0031, Japan
Location 35° 58' 8.85" N, 140° 37' 51.61" E
Phone 0299-82-1209
Website http://www.bokuden.or.jp/~kashimaj/quiz.htm

Damage and Condition[編集]

Damage of staff and users[編集]

Damage of facility[編集]

  • Approximately 60 Ishi-dourous, garden lanterns of stone, on the approach to the shrine fell down. (2011.3.26)
  • A Chigi, building material for the roof of shrine, came off. (March 26,2011)
  • The inner sanctuary of Kashima-Jinguu was damaged. A torii, gateway at the entrance to the shrine, fell in pieces.(by Tokyo Newspaper,March 14,2011)

Damage of exhibitions and collections[編集]

Other damage[編集]

Management Status[編集]

Rescue information[編集]

Source of information[編集]


  • azusacchi 2011,4,24(Sun) 06:04 (UTC)
  • Kinoshita(2011.03.14)

Origin of information[編集]

  • IbarakinetTV(2011.03.26.)[1]
  • Tokyo Newspapaer(2011.03.14)
Kashima-Jinguu Houmotsukan」に関する事実
Address2306-1 Kyuuchuu, Kashima City, Ibaraki Prefecture, 314-0031, Japan +
Websitehttp://www.bokuden.or.jp/~kashimaj/quiz.htm +