Sendai Science Museum

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Sendai Science Museum
Address 4-1 Dainohara Shinrin Kouen, Aoba Ward, Sendai City, Miyagi, 981-0903, Japan
Location 38° 17' 55.77" N, 140° 52' 59.64" E
Phone 022-276-2201
FAX 022-276-2204
Email info [at]


Damage of staffs and users[編集]

  • No one hurted [1] (ta_niiyan May 18, 2011 (Wed) 21:15 (JST))

Damage of facility[編集]

  • A water leak
  • Some parts of the ceilings on the 3rd and 4th floor fell out
  • The ceilings of exhibition rooms,water mains and exhaust devices suffered heavy damage [2]

Damage of collections and exhibits[編集]

  • The skeletal specimen of the ancient elephant is seriously damaged [3]
  • Many glass cases of exhibits are broken [4]

Other damage[編集]

Management information[編集]

  • For the time being, [Closed] [5]
    • Experiments at a laboratory are going to be resumed in the middle of May
    • The damaged entrance hall and special exhibition rooms will be restored in the end of May
    • The whole room will reopen in July

(2011-04-22 / 2011-05-12 updated)

  • They are hastening to restore the science museum to reopen it on July 1 。[1]
    • A group reservation (after July 1) is available
    • The pre-opening event "Renaiscience festival" will be held to celebrate the restoration from the earthquake disaster on June 11,18 and 19
  • Information from Japanese Association of Museums
    • Closed for the time being (March 18)[6]
    • Closed for a while (March 29)[7]
    • Closed temporarily untill the end of May (April 14)[8]
    • The building and almost all the exhibits will be restored in the end of June. Experiments intended for junior high school students are going to be resumed from the middle of May. The entire museum will reopen in the beginning of July.[9]

Rescue availability[編集]




  • ta_niiyan May 18, 2011 (Wed) 21:15 (JST)
  • Kinoshita
  • Fukuda
  • Museumya May 18, 2011 (Wed) 19:23 (JST)
  • baronagon

Source of information

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