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160行目: 160行目:
** Project by a volunteer group in Sapporo Hokkaido Book Sharing. Fundraising through a second-hand book fair.  Collected 20,000 to 30,000 used books from June to the fall of 2011.
** Project by a volunteer group in Sapporo Hokkaido Book Sharing. Fundraising through a second-hand book fair.  Collected 20,000 to 30,000 used books from June to the fall of 2011.
*[http://tonomagokoro.net/?p=171 遠野まごころネット「手紙文庫」], or Tono heartfelt net
*[http://tonomagokoro.net/?p=171 遠野まごころネット「手紙文庫」], or Tono heartfelt network
**Activity to send books to Tono-city, Iwate, with a letter from the donor.
**Activity to send books to Tono-city, Iwate, with a letter from the donor.

2011年6月22日 (水) 04:06時点における最新版

Information of university libraries available to external students. --Book Donation Opportunities for the Quake-Affected Regions Provided by: saveMLAK Move to: Information. Search

Table of Contents

1 Book donation opportunities for the disaster area (Information for people in the disaster areas) 2 Book donation opportunities for the disaster area (Information for supporters, donators, volunteers etc.) 2.1 Various opportunities 2.2 If you want to donate a book, click here. 3 Guidelines for sharing books with others

Book Donation Opportunities for the Quake-Affected Regions[編集]

  • UNICEF Children’s Mini Library project: Now accepting requests from kindergartens, preschools, and other institutions within the disaster area. ユニセフ 『ちっちゃな図書館』プロジェクト: 被災地の幼稚園・保育園等からのご要望を受付けます
    • Japan Committee for UNICEF
    • Picture books, children’s books, and kami shibai (Japanese picture card stories) for children between the ages of 0 and 14.
    • Applicable recipients for book donations: Kindergartens, preschools, and child welfare facilities located in regions affected by the Tohoku-Pacific Ocean Earthquake as well as those institutions that have received and are caring for children from those affected regions. (Individual requests are not accepted. An exception to this guideline includes individuals caring for multiple children at their personal homes, such as a family welfare workers, caretakers, etc.)
    • Book donation opportunities are on a first-come-first-served basis.
  • Yahoo! Japan Kids: Free Library of Picture Books that aims to bring children happiness through picture books Yahoo!子どもたちが元気になれる「えほんの自由図書館」
    • Yahoo!Japan
    • Delivers picture books and children’s books to make as many children affected by the Quake smile and happy despite their current situation. Since these picture books are free of copyrights, it is permissible to distribute downloaded picture books to others via e-mail. You may also print them out at home to enjoy.
  • eBook teikyo sabisu, or eBook provider service【NetLibrary】(available by the end of June without any service fee)
    • Available on [1] and click “「eBook提供サービス 【NetLibrary】」”
    • Kinokuniya Bookstore and various publishers

Book donation opportunities for the disaster area (Information for supporters, donators, volunteers etc.)[編集]

This is an overview of the various activities sponsored by other groups or organizations besides saveMLAK. As of today, saveMLAK does not currently sponsor any book donation opportunities. If you are interested in offering storage space, volunteering to sort donated materials, and/or transporting donated materials, saveMLAK can introduce the appropriate coordinators for these tasks.

To Book Donors[編集]

Please contact shelters or social welfare offices prior to sending any items. Arranging and sorting books requires a great amount of effort and physical work. Therefore, it is best to contact the individuals or organizations listed on this site and to participate within the donation opportunities they offer.
Think “Okuru (sending)” equals with “Okuru (giving).” For example, in the past some individuals have sent damaged and useless books to disaster areas without a second thought. Put yourself in their shoes as a receiver of donated books. Wouldn’t it be disappointing if you received only useless, damaged books in a box?
However, this does not mean that you must send only new books. Just make sure to donate quality used or new books that you would also be happy to receive. “Okuru (sending)” is “Okuru (giving).”

Ideas on How to Share Books With Others[編集]

For example, if high school and junior high school students run a library within a shelter with books donated, think of how you can help them accomplish this with donated books.
Media hon o minna de taisetsuni yomutame no kufu, [Japanese], or Ideas on how to share media books with others.

Various opportunities[編集]

You can include any questions or concerns directly on this site or tweet your questions and concerns to #saveMLAK. #saveMLAK

saveMLAK is not liable for the contents of the links here. Since this is a free site, it is left to the discretion of individuals whether to participate in any of the projects or opportunities above.
It is important to remember that in the past, the magnitude of books sent to disaster areas has caused an overload of material to sort in order to distribute to victims. With this in mind, please be conscious of the kinds of books and materials sent to specific organizations in accordance to their donation goals and opportunities.

  • hon for japan or Books for Japan
    • Project by an individual planner in Sendai
  • 贈る図書館
    • Project by akko of My Little Lover. Collects picture books and children’s books which adults also enjoy reading to kids.
    • Applications close on April 20. (as of April 18)
※ Accepts new or new old books. Does not accept doodled and/or damaged books.
※ Accepts no magazines, cartoons, or game books.
  • 3.11 絵本プロジェクトいわて , or 3.11 Picture Book Project in Iwate
    • Representative: Chieko Suemori (Suemori Books Representative)
    • Japanese books (mainly picture books and illustrated books for children aged 1 to around 12).
  • おはなしお届け隊 , or Team to deliver stories
    • Representative: Chihiro Honma (Picture book author, Children’s book writer, Adjunct Professor of Tokyo Gakugei University and Shirayuri College)
    • Book Project that delivers picture books to Kawauchi-mura, Fukushima Prefecture, and other areas. Oto Project that delivers sound-recordings of fairy stories and folk stories read by writers to the community radio stations in the disaster area.
    • ※* Applications are closed due to the current focus on sorting out books already collected. [2011-04-18]
  • こどもとあゆむネットワーク , or Walking along with kids
    • Activities by individuals in Sendai. Delivers picture books, toys, stationeries, and plays. Accepts books and other materials by April 30, 2011. (as of March 24, 2011)
    • 本の仕分けボランティア募集(2011.04.23現在)(記入者・記入日:Yegusa 2011年5月8日 (日) 19:20 (JST))
      • 全国からの支援物資を仕分ける作業。絵本を対象年代ごとに下記のように仕分けられる方。平日10〜16時までの作業を週2日程度を想定しています。作業場所は宮城野区卸町です。交通費等は支給されません。昼食もご持参ください。
      • 参考:急募!仙台で書籍を分類する図書館員(2011-05-05の米澤誠氏のブログ記事)(記入者・記入日:Yegusa 2011年5月8日 (日) 19:20 (JST))
    • Activities by Crayonhouse, sponsored by Keiko Ochiai and Kodomo no Bunka Fukyu Kyokai.
  • 一箱本送り隊 , or a squad of sending a box of books
    • A volunteer group which organizes participants of book-related events including the Shinobazu Bukku Sutorito no Itohako Furuhon Ichi, or the One Box of Second-hand Books Market on Shinobazu Book Street. A campaign that packs books in boxes to be sent to the disaster area. (as for March 24, 2011)
  • 被災地の子どもたちに本を贈ろうキャンペーン , or a campaign for sending books to child victims in the disaster area
    • A campaign by Sanseido Bookstore Co., LTD. in the Tama region, Tokyo. Collects picture books, children’s books, manga, and novels. Delivers materials to the disaster area through the Shoten Shimpu-kai network. Accepts books by April 30, 2011. (as of March 24, 2011)
  • 被災地の子供たちに漫画を送ろうキャンペーン, or A campaign for sending manga books to child victims in the disaster area
    • Samurai Factory Inc. sponsored the campaign from April 1 to April 18, 2011. Collected more than 40,000 books. Reports its current activities in a blog. (as of March 24, 2011)