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  • 2018年大阪地震 入力お願い:2018年6月大阪地震の被害の状況等の入力をお願いします。被害状況を記入する場合は [[Category:被害/2018大阪地震]] を追記して記述して下さい。
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saveMLAK Information of rescue and support for the Museums, Libraries, Archives and Kominkans (MLAK) in Japan

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saveMLAK is a website about the Museums (including art galleries, science centers, aquariums, zoos, botanical gardens, etc.), Libraries, Archives and Kouminkans(community centers) (MLAK) in Japan stricken by large scale disasters. We are gathering the information on the damages of those facilities in the disaster areas and publishing the requests for assistance from the victims. See further information.

Facilities Information (about 25597 sites)

We are still gathering information on many facilities bellow. If you have information on how damaged and resuming of services at each facility, please provide it into our site.

Damaged Facilities




  • Museums(Damaged:204/All:5580)
  • Libraries(Damaged:638/All:13547)
  • Archives(Damaged:26/All:168)
  • Komikans (Community centers)(Damaged:102/All:6375)
  • Related Facilities(Damaged:4/All:113)


Hokkaido region
Tohoku region
Kanto Region
Chubu region
Chugoku region
Yamaguchi (2 / 66)
Kyushu region
Fukuoka (9 / 163)
Kumamoto (6 / 296)
Oita (11 / 145)

Information for the people

Information for the victims and refugees

Helpful information for the victims in the suffered area
Free legal counseling, contact information of insurance companies, medical information, mental healthcare...
Information on library services for the victims
Information for teachers and parents
Govemental information on education.
How to make a lesson plan on the Earthquake. Useful books for the mental healthcare of children.
To the teenagers
Information for junior and senior high school students.
Services of university libraries for suffered college students and professors
Information of university libraries available to external students.
Book Donation Activities for the Quake-hit area
Messages from the World

Information for facility staffs and the volunteers in the Quake-hit area

Information for the restoration of materials.
Resources on the resource preservation and restoration such as antifungal treatments, flood control measures, water damage, and so on.
Required goods for reconstruction of facillities
Required goods for reconstruction of facillities, from debris removal to preparation for reopening.
Resouces for the reconstruction of libraries and recovering of library services.
Information of the supports of librarians' works
Operation status of the inter-library web services, supports for inter-library lending and reference services.
Research grant for studies on the earthquake disaster

To people interested in volunteering and donating

Registration for the volunteers of experts of MLAK
Providing the volunteer information matching with registrants' skills.
We welcome your contribution to saveMLAK. For more information: saveMLK: Community Portal.
Financial support and donation
information of inancial supprt and donation for MLAK in the area
Appeal for archives
Archiving the web sites unrenewd after March 11 ~ for the memory of people's activities in suffered areas
For long-time use of your valuable photographs.
Photo archives with Flickr.
Book Donation Activities for the Quake-hit area.
Media sources.


purpose, board members
contribution to saveMLAK
We welcome your contribution to saveMLAK. For more information: saveMLK: Community Portal.
related events and press reports
list of events and press reports concerned the topic about save the M, L, A and K.

The portal site of museums, Internet Museum, kindly provided a list of Museums to the saveMLAK.

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